Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to do with my time....


It's glorious. I thought that I would be itching for things to do now that I have time off of work, but it turns out that I can be pretty content laying around the house. Today I:
Got up at 9:30
Cleaned a little, showered and watched Tangled. That brought me up to 2:30
Took a nap
Watched Dr. Oz and snacked on popcorn
And here we are! :)

I usually feel best when I'm busy and doing lots of things, but I'm really enjoying this. I had plans today to clean, go get coffee, and then go to one of the outdoor rinks and skate, but that all sounded hard. I'm guessing after resting so much I'm going to want to be more productive tomorrow and Friday, but I'm not going to try and accomplish anything or push it. I think I just need a rest!

Zach should be home shortly and we're going to go for a long walk and then out to dinner. In order to get married at The Madison Club we had to become members. We haven't gone there yet this month, so tonight we're going out to dinner.

Evie and Theresa appreciate the fine art of being lazy

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  1. Let's have lunch when you get back! I like your blog a lot. Have fun being lazy. Those days are the best!! -Elise