Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update and the return of blogging


I got married:

We went on our honeymoon:

And we bought a house!!!!

(more pics of the house to come!)

I also ended my school semester with a 4.0. Not too shabby!

2011 was a really, really great, eventful year, but I have a lot of goals (or one giant one, depending on how you look at it) in 2012. In 2012 I want to GET HEALTHY in ALL areas of my life. This includes:

Get in very good shape. I don't just mean "lose weight", I mean "go back to being a freaking awesome athletic machine". 

Eat like we're meant to eat. I'm not going to totally jump on the Paleo bandwagon, because, obviously, I like my grains and legume and don't eat wild game, but I'm going to try and eat as naturally as possible. I want to eat actual real food that you can make and grow, and not just the cake that's sitting out in the break room tempting me. 

Get a new job This relates to my mental health. I want a job that stimulates me, challenges me, and something that I can be satisfied with until I can eventually get into grad school.

Oh wait! I DID get a new job! :) 2012 success! I'm going to be a Research Specialist in the Pathology department, instead of Pulmonary. I'm psyched! Super, super psyched. There's a chance I'll even get to see that morgue.....

Do a good job keeping track of my finances. Since becoming legally wed, me and Zach have joined our accounts. (As of 1pm this afternoon, actually....) It's becoming more and more important to me to pay off my loans, our mortgage, and save as much as we can. That's means no more this:

or this:

(Actually, the first pic is from my bachelorette party, and the second is from the day before the wedding. Both totally understandable. However, you get the point....)

I've been told that the more people you tell about your goals, the more accountable you'll be for them. Alright, Internet Universe? Hear this? It's going to be a HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY new year! 


  1. I love this entry and am totally inspired! I should talk to you about my goals for the year, then, since it will help me stick to them, too!

  2. Wow~! This is amazing, Helen. Does this mean even your MOM can hold you accountable? No, I didn't think so. : ) I am also inspired by you. Awesome blog post!

  3. Helen, you have so much positive energy that it is contagious...keep it up thru life's ups and downs and you will always be on top of the mountain!