Friday, January 13, 2012

Trying new things

Since I've become obsessed with being healthy, I've been trying some new things out....
1. Only wearing my hair curly. This has been hard. Like, really hard. I've in fact actually had dreams about straightening my hair. Recently, me and Zach were watching an episode of Friends and I started freaking out about how beautiful Monica's hair is, and how MY hair could look like that if I allowed myself to straighten it again! I think I kind of scared him.

I've been using the Curly Girl Method, which you can find more info about here. This entails not shampooing my hair. You heard me right. I have not used a drop of shampoo in two months. Surprisingly, my hair is curlier, softer, and not at all greasy. It doesn't always have the nice freshly shampooed scent, but Zach assures me that it doesn't smell bad either.

2. I've just started using the Oil Cleaning Method to wash my face. By just started, I mean I just ran out and bought all the supplies last night. Info about that can be found here. The premise is that like dissolves like (Chem 109 represent!) so if you want to get the bad oil off of your face, you should use good oil to get rid of it and replace it. I've only done this once so far, but it felt really good! My skin felt soft, but not at all greasy. I'll post pictures soon of before and after.

And yes, feel free to make fun of me for becoming a dirty hippie. I fully blame Zach.

(I just spent a long time trying to find before and after pictures of my hair. None were forthcoming. I'll post some soon!)


  1. I want to try the oil cleaning method!Does it unclog pores really well? My biggest issue is black heads. I have so many. How much does all the stuff cost?

    My hair is too thin to not wash it, I think. It would get so stringy my scalp would be visible.

    1. Not that much! The Castor oil was about $5, the jojoba and the tea tree were around $7. They also last forever. It's supposed to unplug pores. I'm having a hard time seeing true results yet, because I was really broken out when I started. I'll let you know how it goes!

    2. Sweet. I'm worried I'd get oily, but my skin is already so oily that I don't think it can get much worse.