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Our Wedding October 1st, 2011

It's been almost four months, but I wanted to do a wedding recap. It was such a wonderful day, made all the more wonderful by all the people that we were able to share it with, that I wanted to take the time to actually write about it. Also, I'm a glutton for our wedding pictures, and would love to post more. :)

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

I've never been so nervous! Okay, that's not true. I was pretty nervous, though. The day started off great. Me and Zach went out for breakfast, then my friends Sarah and Matt, and their adorable daughter Isla met us at our apartment. The guys left and us three girls went to the salon to meet up with everyone else and get our nails done.

Post getting our nails done, I had all of the girls come back to our apartment for a nice Thank You Brunch where we could chill and eat and I could give them gifts before the rehearsal. Huge mistake. I got way overwhelmed. I really didn't want to be playing hostess, but felt like I needed to. Then I realized that, oh, right, I haven't packed anything. I was crabby and hadn't eaten enough. I brought my friend Sarah into the bedroom for a minute to tell her that I needed to leave, so she provided a convenient excuse and we left and went to the Nitty Gritty to chat and eat some cheese curds. Much better!

Then the rehearsal. Again, I think I was a lot more stressed out about things than I had realized, and a bagel, some cheese curds, and a glass of wine are not a days worth of food. I was nervous and crabby. I tried to hide it, and I think I did an okay job. My Aunt Vicki, our wonderful Minister, make the practice a lot of fun, which certainly helped put me at ease. 

After the rehearsal we all went over to Erin's Snug Irish Pub on the East side for the Rehearsal Dinner. Yum! I love their food! We had a beautiful private room with a fireplace, and that waitstaff was helpful and made everything wonderful. I was starving and thirsty and super crabby, so the first thing I did was eat two rolls with cinnamon butter and drink two full glasses of water with no ice. Much better! We had a good time, but I was still pretty drained. All I kept thinking about was how I didn't want to stay in a hotel with just a friend or by myself. I wanted to stay with Zach! We were living together after all, let's not kid ourselves. I talked to him to see how he felt about it and thankfully he agreed. We both would just feel so much more at ease if we could get a good nights sleep the night before, and that meant being together. 

At the Rehearsal Dinner

 I'm giving a speech thanking Zach's family and friends. To me, though, I look like I'm saying "What's the deal with this guy...?"

The big day!

Staying together the night before was a great decision for us. I woke up refreshed, excited, and super super happy.  We woke up around 8 and while Zach got dressed and showered, I ordered room service. The guys were all going to have brunch while us girls got dolled up, so I needed to eat! Some yummy berries, oatmeal, tea and a muffin made a fantastic wedding day breakfast. 

We got our hair and makeup done at Julia Grace Salon in Madison. They were wonderful! I can't say enough good things about them. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to be pampered with all my favorite people (well, except my Mom and Joanna who were elsewhere...), drink coffee, laugh and relax. It was heaven! 
Then it was off to the church! I drove myself and got blast Nicki Minaj and be super squealy in the car. It was seriously high pitched. At this point I was pumped. I was so super excited and all the nerves from the night before were completely gone. 

Joanna lacing me up!

Then it was time for the first look:

After the first look, which I highly recommend, we were able to take pictures before the ceremony started.

 It was when we went back into the church before the ceremony that I really started to get nervous! This was it! I had a big dose of stage fright, so Ellen, knowing me very well, put on ABBA for us to dance around to. Worked like a charm.

Then it was time! :D 

 Married! :D 

The Reception

After the ceremony we took more pictures before heading over to The Madison Club. Again, I cannot possibly express how nice everything was. It was perfect. Perfect. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Everyone was so helpful, the place looked beautiful, and everything ran smoothly. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. 

The Madison Club:

Our First Dance:

My dance with my Dad:
Zach and his Mom:

 Note to Self: 100 people are watching you. Don't forget this and stuff cake into your own mouth.

Dinner was delicious, and the toasts were hilarious and sweet. My dad gave the first one and thanked everyone and talked about how hard it was to give me away, but how much he liked Zach. 

My Godfather, My Uncle Mark, gave the blessing. (Catholics represent!)

Then after dinner Steve, the Best Man, gave his toast. He talked about what makes a good marriage, and how when he asked Zach that question he gave a one word answer "Helen". Awwww.....(Steve is how me and Zach know each other. A very appropriate Best Man!)

 My sister was the Maid of Honor and her speech made me crack up. She talked about some of the things I used to talk about when I would imagine my wedding. It was really funny. 

Then it was time to get down!

It was really the most amazing day ever. It was over way too soon!

I have to thank my parents for all of their help, they were fantastic! So were Zach's parents, all of our friends, and really anyone who was there that day. But especially I have the thank my new husband who makes my life so wonderful. 

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