Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair Envy

Last night was rough. Because of my very giant, black, curly, prematurely greying hair, at 23 years old I have to dye over my grey hairs. Yesterday I had my hair pulled back in a way that really made them obvious, so we ran to Target last night to pick up some hair dye. I found the dye okay, but then stopped in the middle of the aisle and wouldn't move. I wanted bottles, and bottles, and bottles of all the pretty smelling, shiny, shampoos. It took a solid 15 minutes before Zach was able to persuade me to leave. They have new ones out since I last bought shampoo! Like I said, it was rough. The novelty of the whole "just using conditioner and only wearing my hair curly" thing is waning.

Four more days! 

Four more days and I'm done with my current job. I'm so excited! I have a meeting with my new HR department this afternoon. It's extra exciting because I get to be an new employee with a new last name and a new joint checking account!

Christmas Gift

Part of my Christmas gift to my dad is taking a multivitamin everyday (for years he's told me to do this), checking my oil in my car once a week (I've almost been doing that. I've done it twice in January) and taking a martial arts class. I just decided which one I'm going to be taking - Wing Chun. I'm really excited! It was created by a nun in China about 275 years ago. It's a good one for women to take because it doesn't depend on strength. I'm also considering taking an adult ballet class for fun, and my friend Erica has talked me into Eastern European dance classes....whatever that is! Apparently you also learn to read crystals??? :)

Once I find my camera (ooops....I know it's around somewhere...) I'm going to start posting recipes. I've been cooking up a storm lately!

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