Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the Bride wore crutches....

Today was the Bridal Shower that my mom and sister threw for me. It was SO much fun! It was great to see everyone. The shower was 1950's housewife themed, which was super awesome. We played plant the kiss on the Elvis poster and I received some very sweet aprons and other things that proper house wives should own. Zach's family came down, which was really nice of them. I really like his family, so it was good to see them all. It was also nice seeing my extended family, since I don't really see them that often. I really appreciated seeing everyone and the very wonderful gifts they game me and Zach. My mom and sister did a wonderful job of decorating and setting everything up. The party was a hit!

I'm currently on crutches....After I received a black eye from playing softball I talked a lot of talk about how I wouldn't play any more sports before the wedding. That didn't go as planned unfortunately. I recently joined a women's soccer team, and sprained my ankle really badly at practice. My whole right foot is very very swollen and I can't put any weight on it. I'll be okay with wearing flats to the wedding if necessary, but I was really looking forward to rocking some killer heals at the bachelorette party!

I've signed up for classes for this fall! (Because life's just not busy enough...) I'm going to be taking Archeology and the Prehistoric World and Physical Anthropology. I'm so SO excited! I get all happy every time I think about it. It was also sweet getting to buy more school supplies because I'm a nerd and love everything office supply related.

We're currently relaxing on the couch while Zach watches the Packer's first preseason game.

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  1. I LOVE buying school supplies. I was just at Target the other day and I was trying to come up with a decent reason why I needed that awesome new notebook and a new pack of colorful mechanical pencils...Steve ended up helping me out by telling me that we probably needed a dry erase calendar in the kitchen...which of course needed new dry erase markers...what an enabler. P.S. Have school supplies gotten cooler since we were in school or is it just me?