Thursday, July 21, 2011

"How to Survive being Married to a Catholic"

So me and Zach have been having problems trying to find a way to make sure our kids are baptized Catholic because we're not getting married in the church. To me, it seems silly, since we're still getting married in a church, but whatever, apparently Catholic's don't role like that.

 I met with my priest yesterday, and he had the good suggestion that we just get married as planned, then have our marriage blessed by him. That's great! It was a relief to have an answer to the problem, especially one that's not that difficult to do. The new problem is that we now have to do all sorts of marriage prep! Marriage preparation in general, I think is a very good idea. I think it's healthy to sit down at talk about the important stuff. The problem is that I'm not so sure I'm going to like Catholic marriage prep. I have no problem taking time to sit down and plan our future and talk over our issues, I just have a problem with being told that we shouldn't be living together and need to have twenty children. So, we'll see how it goes!

They consider us a "mixed marriage" because Zach's not Catholic. (We both felt that this was a little uncomfortably reminiscent of 1960s racism) They gave him a book to read that's hilariously titled "How to Survive being Married to a Catholic". Unfortunately, the problems they site (me needing to go to church every Sunday, me not wanting to use birth control, me wanting to be a traditional wife) are not the actual problems we'll have (me having large amounts of Catholic guilt, me getting bored at work and following The Pope on Twitter, me spending large amounts of time discussing Catholic churches in Northern Illinois with his cousin Stephanie...).

In other news I'm considering for signing up for some Anthropology classes this semester! I know my life is pretty full at the moment, but it's something that sounds really exciting to me. My mom likes to talk about having "shackles on" or "shackles off" feelings, and this is definitely "shackles off".

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